Friday, August 14, 2009

Legalize Ganja

Twinchlian asking me to promote his mybrute-sex-puppet and for friend I will do anything. He even got the madman to write about it.

Aparently getting the Legalize Ganja character to the top of the rankings will send a terrible message all the way to the kreml or somesuch.

If you tutor under Thom-Thom he promise sexparties and heavy smoking in his dojo. If you feeling like want to be in good standing in Thom-Thom Dojo you will also spam following message in sexchats, forums and toilet walls and really wherever RL takes you. - all the pussy you can eat for one fixed price


  1. I find your fatalism and cynisism refreshing. Love brother!

  2. Girl power!


    Wote me to the top people!! That will fucking show you commies and derelicts whos boss and under what fucking system we shall be living.

  4. All this is well&good, but we all know that it is not possible not to love Kitty. Kitty can also be a brute!

  5. Let Myrrixh be your queen, and together we shall be victorious and all our enemies shall crawl like maimed ants in the blood-drenched dust under our feet!