Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sometimes paying friend ask girl to use rubber, other times girl can put rubber on without friend even knowing if, perhaps, they shared some peach brandy or maybe the french champagne. Most times girl will just do this perfect trick and paying friend will not only give no complaints but he will pay extra with big grin on face and nice story for old friends not seen for long time.
Other times she will call for the Senator and I will explain about decreased value of prostitute with the sickness; and if rape was done because of me not there I will pay of own pockets for unsafe molester to be ravaged by crazy negro crackhead with unusually large penis and no protection because the Senator loves all his girls.
If you want caring, warm and generous employer but are unusure if you have the necesary skillsets to be a working girl - do not be alarmed!!! The Senator teaches everything from basics to the trick of coming every time for the enjoyment of self and paying friend - free of charge, (ofcourse).(tir, oktober 21, 2008 03:53:59)

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