Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pimp Manifesto

I party with prostitutes and they call me a pimp. They say I steal girls: I say a girl who can't choose her company is not a free girl: and I do not keep slaves. My girlfriends make a lot of money, they share their drugs and bodies with me: but mostly I am just an elder brother watching out for my younger slutty sisters.

If a trick doesnt behave I protect my friends, the same goes if somebody wants to get paid, or overpaid, for a service they are not providing. Sometimes a girl will choose to give me money - I like getting money. And sometimes I party with girls for money. And quite frankly: the girls like to treat me like the whore I am. Thats why we're friends.

(fre, oktober 10, 2008 13:28:39)

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