Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This blog used to be and was presented with the following little about-this-blog: "Mr.Billkowfskij's blog is written in the spirit of Amit Gilboas legendary Off the rails in Phonm Penh - into the dark heart of Guns, Girls and Ganja."

APESKALIKKEDREPEAPE is a norwegian site and constantly developing artproject (or singular piece of art as we like to think of it) dedicated to the betterment of humanity. The site is mostly text-based, and most texts are in norwegian - seekers will find some nice pieces in english though. APESKALIKKEDREPAPE litterally means APESHALLNOTKILLAPE. 

For a few months the following message and picture was all you found when going to Senator Billkowfskijs blog on the apeskalikkedrepeape-site: "APESKALIKKEDREPEAPE'S isp have warned us that "pornograpich" material is not allowed on their servers. The argument that Senator Billkowfskijs koans are, in fact, art seems pointless to make. That the senators curative choise of illustrations are pointed comments against the using of human beeings and their sexuality seems equally pointless to make. While we are looking for a different isp we urge you to look for enlightenment and truth elsewhere."

We have still not found an isp that will allow for freedom of expression at an affordable price; (making freedom of expression the privilege of the economically sound): thus the decision to post the whole blog on google's own blogspot/blogger/ 

- apeskalikkedrepeape-team

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